27 Years of Lazarian Delights ( Documentation )
Exploration on a newly discovered system of planets

This work is the result of fantastical worldbuilding; artifacts from another solar system collected by an ambitious explorer who pursues a hedonistic thirst for novelty in a metaphorical journey of discovery, scientific observation, and ethnography.

“27 Years of Lazarian Delights” is a brief journey into an obsessive mind. From acid lakes to fiery planes, from suicide ceremonies to a cipher for a script, this explorer records it all with the precise eye of a scientist unwrapping the logic of a new system. In doing so, he takes the language of scientific knowledge and bends it to a world of fiction and speculation, reapplying these tools to fanciful and radical ends. The world the explorer captures is fantastical, but in its essence it is a project in seeing, pushing us Earthlings to reimagine life with eyes anew.”

Exhibited @ thebackroomkl