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Architect of Meta-Gods

Architects of MetaGods is a continuation of the Alt-Aequus world. The film looks into the mythologized world of Alt-Aequus structured in chapters – based on the Chinese fivefold theory of Wu-xing with the five natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It has been adopted in all fields to explain an array of phenomena from the field of traditional medicine, the composition of music to the practice of martial arts. The universality of Wu-xing has provided an swers to everything, extending far back into the earliest historical records of pre-Han dynasty. The world of Atl-Aequus is shaped by the all-en compassing theory. It is comparable in contemporary terms to the com plex socio-economic systems orchestrated by a finite set of written codes interconnecting our worlds today.

When viewers are transported into the world of Alt-Aequus, they will first encounter a humanesque titan chained to the core of its elaborate universe. A faceless behemoth terrorizing the temporal landscapes of unfamiliar and familiar territories built on blueprints of natural terrains and man-made structures. Its scale is as of God. Its placement presents an alternative world where the existence of a digital God is seen as a governing figure. He envisions architects to be the creator of a new world in the near future – the role of an architect to evolve into a ‘ techno-paganist ’ or a ‘ digital shaman ’ designing digital Gods. He speculates that digital Gods will eventually have the intelligence to create a government within their own hierarchy and inner worlds.

The significance of Wu-xing as a universal structure and influence helps unify the five chapters as a whole. A fine line to integrating heritage and culture into the digital realm. Bringing to life manmade objects as its constituent through the reconfiguration of symbols and allegories of the past, in order to create a future lineage ruled by digital Gods. Each chapter is placed in a set of landscapes based on an idealized utopian world. His rendition of what is to come for planet Earth in the most realistic sense. The worldbuilding behind Architects of MetaGods is placed with in a tightly knitted set of parameters, merging our social-political world and the digital realm together into a metamorphosis – an ever changing state of being in hopes of preventing the abuse of power. The MetaGods after all live in a system that functions within its own laws of space, time, physics and politics.

Art by Chong Yan Chuah
Calligraphy by Muzi
Soundscape by Kent Lee
Voice-overs & Script by AiWei

We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.

We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.