Diamond Water
Digital Installation

Diamond Water is poised between these various realms, a micro-universe of ambiguous corporeal entities populating a landscape that is as alien as its inhabitants. Here , the reality is an abstruse one, premised on numerical formulations. “

The iconography of this cosmos is likewise cryptic, with the prevalence of circles - in the form of round lights and metal studs - a private reference to new beginnings, while evidence of an idosyncratic script is derived from a language that the artist created for a different project that also involved world-building, 27 Years of Lazarian Delights. In Diamond Water, both body and terrain are as confrontational as they are ontologically slippery. While there is visible nudity, there are no genitalia on display. Gender movements in the twenty-first century have embraced the dimension of non-binarism and genderqueer identity, bodily expressions that are neither exclusively masculine or feminine‍. Envisioning a brave new world of gender-neutral bodies, free of the impositions of gendered dichotomies - a future that is queerly liberated.