Her tears fall down like diamonds when she cry - PiHai Ryan feat. Mizu98, NYK
Music Video

Pull up, in a, Gatti, cause you, liking it
You can, use me, more than, twice, like I’m, plastic
Imma, let you, hurt me, like I’m, a fucking, masochist
And you’re my sadist, love you like a masterpiece

So these minerals that I be dropping they sounding just like Prada Prada de Dior
That Gucci that I be dying for unreal I just wanna be sure
No money gonna make me happy so I guess I’ll be crying some more
But it’s Gucci, it’s Gucci, it’s Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci

Composed :: PiHai Ryan, Mizu98, rgry, NYK
Lyrics :: PiHai Ryan, Mizu98, NYK
Produced :: rgry
Digital Artist :: Chong Yan Chuah