KUASA - Joe Flizzow ft. Azlan
Music Video

‘Kuasa’ by Joe Flizzow & Azlan is a track about power and humanity’s struggle with it. The track touches on issues ranges from our thirst for power to the importance of principles within ourselves .

Scenes of mankind and their quest for power through history and time is recreated within a 3D environment. Exploring and representing the different types of power, the struggle for power and how it can be a vehicle for unity or oppression.

Written :: Joe Flizzow and ALYPH
Music produced :: ALYPH
Mixed :: Jeson Huang
Mastered :: Chris Athens
Directors :: Zulamran Hilmi & Djin Kai
Producer :: Djin Kai
Digital Artist :: Chong Yan Chuah
Editor :: Hasif Hamid
Wardrobe & Styling :: Shahrin Bahar
Camera Operators :: Ashrafiqal Aleef & Azamul Ashraff