Kyphosis, Through a Looking Glass
Exibition Installation

Kyphosis, Through a Looking Glass (2020), a video game installation developed during the recent pandemic. Made in response to the idea of ‘unhappiness’, interprets the notion of isolation through a multilayered context: the worldwide lockdown, as well as the solitary path of an artist. Here, stretched human figures are juxtaposed in the centre of the visual, expressing a certain longing for human touch and interaction, at the same time addressing the perpetual struggle between individual and collective concerns.

Virtually exhibited via PIXEL STREAM [ 30/04/20 - 10/05/20 ]
Physically exhibited [ 30/05/20 - 31/05/20 ]

space :: The Backroom gallery, Zhongshan building
curated :: Liza Ho
photo :: Alvin Lau