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OUR “BUTTERFLY DREAMS” explores the Identity, transcendence and the true self of an individual, in a multi complex dream Tower. Epistemological scepticism, we cannot know anything for certain."was I Chuang Tzu dreaming I was a butterfly or am I now really a butterfly dreaming that I am Chuang Tzu?”

Our “Butterfly Dreams” is a Tower of multiple floors. We have constructed a vertical city. An infinite elevation so far up that our eyes can see. The technological development has poisoned the air with our digital footprint. Buried here on the ground lies the decay of our digital waste, stored in servers, mined and sold as assets. In the center stands a crystal wall, dividing the perpertual pleasure on our social credit points. The inhabitants fights on their right to curate their identities. On each edge of the ground anchors 2 signboard. The advert reads “Our lives are being curated for us from our creations.” Perhaps the AI identity we created are in control of our identity. Perhaps, it’s reminding us of the simulated reality that we’re in. The abundance of likes, shares, and comments grows as the level increases. Wondering into the unknown peak of the tower, our body transcend into a beam of light evaporating up each level. Our identities and reality becomes distorted. Our body merges together into a chaotic distortion, suspended over the abyss of Butterfly Dreams.

An extract of FAC3D

We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.

We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.