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TOWKAY’S HORIZON is a game installation on a techno-dystopian fantasy of a new world order { LOCATION_XIIN KOPITIAM } { YEAR_2042 }

{What if our nation food supply falls to a privatized monopoly. Entangled into a hyper-dense digital kopitiam system housing the population of the district?} ︎︎︎ {TOWKAY’S HORIZON describes a kopitiam set on the year 2042 in Malaysia.} {The first of it, XIIN Kopitiam, located in Taman Cyber, a monument for the first rebellion and protest against the tyranny of the ruler.} {A near future condition.} {A defunct food center part of a simulated reality we can inhabit.} {A techno-dystopian fantasy of a new world order.} ︎︎︎ {Based on a totalitarianistic, capitalist future, these imaginative condition paints an area barely a hundredth of a square meter in size.} {Within that space floats 42 seats, occupied by 42 residents, virtual reality lens, enteral feeding pumps into the bodies of them.} {This technology completely blends in with their lives like an addiction, all signed into the network of Quantum.} {Buried in Quantum lies the decay of the residents digital waste, stored in servers, mined and sold as assets.} {At the center, it’s founder Hisham, also the newly appointed leader of the Unite Malaysia Berhad (UMB) campaigning the city of dreams on his fantastic future.} #privacy.was.an.afterthought. ︎︎︎ {These condition glimpses into the nature of consciousness, experiences and the consequences of digitally simulated existence.} {A fiction extracted of a KOPITIAM.} {An extraordinary image of tomorrow and an urgent examination of the environmental questions facing us today.}

Kopitiam  / (ˈkoˌpiˌtjam) /A traditional style of eatery having public seating and multiple vendors selling Chinese, Indian, and Malay food.

Towkay  / (taʊˈkeɪ) /
A business owner; boss (especially a Malaysian Chinese or a Singaporean Chinese).


We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.

We are Somnii. An art direction, digital imagination & research studio.